Customer service is more than a friendly response and simple fix to a customer’s concern, it is proactive protection and forethought in dealing with sensitive medical and health information.

As you begin or continue your search for call center solutions and options, remember that customer service is far more than communication and simple trouble shooting, it is proactive commitment and compliance to the best and highest standards of data and information protection.

Here at Concierge Contact Center, we are happy to standby these commitments. HIPAA Compliant Answering Service For those in the healthcare industry, meeting the privacy expectations of HIPAA is a primary concern, both legally and ethically. A HIPAA compliant answering service is critical.

At Concierge Contact Center, we share your concern and have taken extra measures to go beyond the standard expectations of securing your patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information). We stand behind you, the CE (covered entity), as your trustworthy BA (business associate) to ensure you’re in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
As your call center fiduciary, we take every step to make sure you meet HIPAA requirements and your patients’ expectations in the way we answer patient calls, store their information, and communicate key data to you.

Concierge Contact Center does not allow work-at-home agents or offsite call processing, thereby ensuring that your patients’ PHI never leaves our premises until it’s time to securely communicate it to you.