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Record Calls To Retain Important Information

With the call tracing service offered by Concierge Contact Center in Athens, Georgia, you can learn where calls are coming from and what ad sources are giving you a good return on investment. This will allow you to invest more of your advertising budget into the avenue that works, whether it is websites, billboards, television, radio, or print. Plus, we'll record calls so you can retain all the information you need. This is a great service for any small business on a tight budget.

Man Viewing Stats

Real-Time Information

With call tracker, you will have instant access to reports that show how much your leads are costing you, where your customers are calling from, how many positive leads an ad generates, and more. We can show you who called, how long the call lasted, and even record the entire conversation. All details from every call received can be viewed online. Simply log into your account and see all your calls. You can even allow your employees to have restricted access so they can see the reports. The restricted access prevents them from going in and deleting any information.