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 Appointment Confirmations

Appointment confirmation is integral to keeping your daily schedule full and retaining a high revenue flow.

One of the cornerstones of success for any office is efficient appointment scheduling. A full schedule of patients and clients each day is essential for maintaining high revenue and cash flow into your practice. However, everyone is human, often forgetting their appointments or deciding not to show for one of many reasons.

In many practices, it is common to double-book patients and client to account for no-shows. This can lead to a great deal of frustration for the patient, dentist, and staff when both patients show up for the same appointment. Calling patients and clients to confirm appointments is an important system to minimize double-bookings and reduce stress. However, this can be time-consuming for your staff, taking them away from focusing on the patients that are right in front of them.

Concierge Contact Center has a team who specializes in confirming appointments. They call patients 2 weeks as a reminder, then confirm at 48 hours, 24 hours, or same day for their appointment. By reminding patients to come to their appointments, no-show rates decrease and revenue flow increases, benefiting your practice. We make it efficient for your practice to retain a full schedule without taking your in-house team members away from their daily duties and patient care.

When you don’t need to double-book, your practice schedule can remain on track. Openings can be filled by call-ins, whether a patient was just calling to schedule their next checkup or has an urgent dental care need. Patients are seen on-time and on-schedule, improving their experience when visiting your office for higher retention rates.

Get a higher efficiency performance from your scheduling efforts with the help of the Concierge Contact Center appointment confirmation team. We can help improve customer service to your patients while keeping your daily schedule full for higher revenue.