As a start-up, it can be difficult to do everything yourself.

Though you may need to bring in staff like a receptionist, secretary, and bookkeeper to help you run your business, unfortunately, in the first few years of a new company’s life, it can be tough to find the money for these critical staff hires.

With Concierge Contact Center you can let us worry about answering your calls while you focus on growing your business.

Many times new business owners are out on the road providing a service, or meeting with clients, that leaves them unable to answer the phone.

Let us answer your calls with expertly trained, professional live agents who will create the professional image that is needed to take your business to the next level.

Hiring Staff Versus Using Concierge Contact Center

The costs of hiring staff for your business ads up: you need to get them the proper equipment to perform their jobs, e.g. desks, computers, and software. With Concierge Contact Center you’re contracting with a company that can provide virtual receptionists and answering services agents who already have the right equipment therefor lowering your overhead costs in the critical phase when you first start growing your business.

Fully Trained

With Concierge Contact Center, you’re getting trained staff that won’t need to learn how to perform the tasks you need from them. Dedicated, professional, friendly and efficient, you benefit from people who have been selected and trained to provide your clients and customers with the very best service.

Scale Your Business

With Concierge Contact Center by your side, you can have a virtual receptionist at your disposal with minimal investment of time and money. You’ll be able to scale your business in a way that allows you to use the services you need while bypassing the ones you don't.