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What IS HIPAA? The acronym HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, passed by congress in 1996. HIPAA provides the ability to transfer and continue health insurance coverage of American workers when changing or losing a job, reduces fraud and abuse, mandates industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processes, and requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.

At Concierge Contact Center, we are committed to being able to handle any of your call center needs. In compliance with HIPAA, we are positioned to protect information from fraud, abuse, and mishaps with healthcare and electronic billing information. This important and sensitive information is critical to your business and the well-being of your customers. Why HIPAA? HIPAA allows your customers, clients, and patients the protection they deserve and expect as they receive the services and products they need. Everyone deserves the right to be protected, especially by those they are doing business with. Trust and customer confidence are the byproducts of HIPAA compliance. We comply to guarantee you the protection and security you need.

Customer service is more than a friendly response and simple fix to a customer’s concern, it is proactive protection and forethought in dealing with sensitive medical and health information. As you begin or continue your search for call center solutions and options, remember that customer service is far more than communication and simple trouble shooting, it is proactive commitment and compliance to the best and highest standards of data and information protection. Here at Concierge Contact Center, we are happy to standby these commitments. HIPAA Compliant Answering Service For those in the healthcare industry, meeting the privacy expectations of HIPAA is a primary concern, both legally and ethically. A HIPAA compliant answering service is critical.

At Concierge Contact Center, we share your concern and have taken extra measures to go beyond the standard expectations of securing your patients’ PHI (Protected Health Information). We stand behind you, the CE (covered entity), as your trustworthy BA (business associate) to ensure you’re in compliance with HIPAA regulations. As your call center fiduciary, we take every step to make sure you meet HIPAA requirements and your patients’ expectations in the way we answer patient calls, store their information, and communicate key data to you.

Not every call center or answering service can say this, but Concierge Contact Center can. Secure Text Messaging Texting is easy, ubiquitous, and unsecure. No one should ever send PHI in an unsecured text, yet too many call centers disregard this critical requirement and subject themselves to a serious point of failure. With Concierge Contact Center secure text messaging app, text messages and attachments are encrypted when they are in transit (“data in motion”) and when they’re at rest on devices (“data at rest”). Messages can even be set to expire after a preset time or condition for added security. If a device is lost or stolen, your authorized admins can remotely erase secured messages. Encrypted Data at Rest In information technology jargon, “data at rest” refers to digital information as it resides in a storage medium, regardless of the form or format it takes, such as databases, spreadsheets, archives, long-term storage media, and off-site backups. Data at rest also refers to information sitting on mobile devices.

Concierge Contact Center encrypts all data under our control when it’s at rest. And, by using our secure messaging plus platform, the information we send to users’ mobile devices is also secure. Centralized Onsite Staff In addition to ensuring that we meet and exceed HIPAA requirements, 100 percent of our agents work onsite, with direct supervision.
Concierge Contact Center does not allow work-at-home agents or offsite call processing, thereby ensuring that your patients’ PHI never leaves our premises until it’s time to securely communicate it to you.