Team Building

September 17, 2018

By John Ross

Work division among team members Running any successful operation requires teamwork. Sounds like your high school coach, but as corny as the sports clichés are about team dynamics, they are still valid for cohesion and cooperation.

Articulate the ultimate goals of the team. Every staff member has a role in the system that leads to the overall success of the practice. Make certain that they have a clear understanding of how their jobs lead to the success of the office. Once they understand their part of the job, they are more focused and motivated to do their part as well as possible. Of course, this will involve training and practice. Lots of practice!

Make them aware of industry standards for their jobs and help them implement best practices to maximize their abilities. Give feedback to help them perform their duties better. When they have reached their goals, reward them. The reward may be a raise in pay, a one-time bonus, a promotion, recognition of excellence; whatever is appropriate to show appreciation.

However, if they struggle to achieve their goals, find out why. Maybe they need more training. Maybe they need better equipment. Maybe they are not suited to the duties the job requires. The sooner you find out, the sooner the team can progress. As a consultant. I have seen this situation frequently in dental offices. In the front office, there will be a staff member who has a flat voice, sounds indifferent or worse, impatient to get off the phone. She really would rather be out of the public’s eye peacefully processing insurance claims. And in the billing office there is a perky, happy sounding, bright person labors in silence at a job that leaves her dull and unhappy. That is what consultants call a fortuitous circumstance: we swap their duties and everyone is happy and productive. Moving people to the jobs that best uses their skills makes them happier and helps the team work better.

Just as the dentist has to lead the clinical staff in the operatories, it is the job of the office manager to lead the front office staff, both working in unison to provide the best experience to the patient. It is the job of the office manager to know the duties of each job and help coach the employee in the learning and practice of that job. Groups like The American Association of Dental Office Management has radically changed the industry by turning willing learners into front office leaders, and keeping them sharp with CE.

At Concierge Contact Center, we work with office managers to move their practices forward by training staff members in great customer service on the phone and in person. We make your practice’s marketing effort count by increasing the number of new patients by scheduling appointments in the office calendar during after hours, weekends and holidays. Heck, our well trained can even handle calls that your busy staff can’t take because the phones have blown up. We can cover your office calls while your staff is in staff meetings or in-office trainings. We can help your practice with customer service and phone trainings. Call us and see how your staff can become the best they can be. We are the office manager’s best friend. John Ross Concierge Contact Center