Hispanics are more likely to be loyal to companies that communicate in Spanish

According to the Experian Simmons Summer 2011 National Hispanic Consumer Study, about 56 percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics agree that, “When I hear a company advertise in Spanish, it makes me feel like they respect my heritage and want my business.”

Similarly, 54 percent of Spanish-dominant Hispanics feel “much more loyal to companies that show appreciation of our culture by advertising in Spanish.”

Regardless of the industry, if you are working with people, your success depends on being professional and responsive to your potential customers and clients.

When you use an answering service that has bilingual operators, you’re telling your customers that they matter to your business.

Providing friendly, professional and capable services in Spanish and English shows that your company values all of its customers and clients and seeks to provide them with the best service possible.

Fully Bilingual And Expertly Trained

With our fully bilingual team ready to assist you, never lose another customer or client to the competition because of an inability to communicate. You will also never have to wonder whether the people you do business with understand what you are trying to communicate.

Small Business Benefits

When your business chooses a bilingual answering service, you’re opening doors of opportunity to a new segment of your market. Answering services that are able to serve all your customers demonstrate a commitment to detail, precision and customer service. Spanish-speaking operators can help serve your business by answering questions and taking messages in a language that your Spanish-speaking customers are comfortable with on a daily basis.

Advantages of a Bilingual Answering Service

Whether it’s help with disaster recovery, taking messages, setting up appointments or relaying messages to your top people, a Spanish-English answering service will be able to increase customer confidence.

Concierge Contact Center can provide all the services you need with the help of bilingual operators who can communicate clearly, efficiently and expertly with all your customers or clients.